20 June Abdul Malik Rigi

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20 June Abdul Malik Rigi

Post  Bolan on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:05 am

Every action has an equal and oppsite reaction. Application of this scientific nation can also be observed in human nature and socity. when a state uses ideiolgy and b rutal froce to crush political dissent, the society evolves a counter culture of reisitance, equally brutal in nature, in response to the repression.

since the forced annexing of westren balochistan by iran in 1928, iran has been ruled by absolute monarchy , followed by fascist thecracy in 1979, fundamentally, the iranian rulers have always suppressed the freedoms and rights of the Baloch people no matter what state ideology they adopted. shah of iran suppressed baloch based on the idea of persain hegemony, while the ayatollahs added the religous shia factor to it.

Shaheed Mir Dost Mohammad Khan Baranzai raised the banner of freedom to iranian occuptaoin in the early 1920s until his executaion in 1928 by the iranian rulers. peoples' aspiration for independence continue until today, Many baloch have sacrificed their life ofn the call of the montherland, and abdol Malik Regi was one of them.

Abdol mailk regi was born in Zahidan , he capital of occupied western balochistan in 1984, he had his basic educatoin in his native city of Zahidan and then went and got Islamic education of Jamia Uloom-ul-Islamia Binori Town, at karachi On his return to Zahidan, when he saw the daily hangings of Baloch youth by Ayatollah's of Iran he dicided to challenge them. in 2003, he founded Jundallah , a militant group based on a mixture of Islamic-sunni ideology and Balochi nationalism, Jundallah responded to the vicious respression of Iran with raw rage that created fear among the ranks of iranian army and perian settlers in balochistan. later regi renamed his organization "people's resistance movement of iran" (PRMI)and emphasized more on his Baloch natoinalist aspect.

Abdol Malik Rei was arrested on February 23, 2010. Iranian authorities claimed that they intercepted the Kyrgyzstan-boung aircraft, carrying regi over iranian air space and took him into cutody, however , investigative reporters from independent sources indicated that the pakistani intellinence agency (ISI( captured him and handed him over to Iran. after extreme torture, a false confession of Regi was presented in a kangaroo court in Zahidan, which sentenced him to death. on June 20, 2010, this brave son of Balochistan was executed in Tehran's notorous even prison,

Soon after his arrest, people's resistance movement of iran elected a new leader and released a policy statment that said, " our struggle for an independent Balochis will continue till vicotry"[/left]

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