BSO(Mohideen) burns office of Daily Tawar

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BSO(Mohideen) burns office of Daily Tawar

Post  Bolan on Sat Jul 02, 2011 11:29 am

By Adeenag

BSO (Mohideen) burns office of Daily Tawar :An act of terrorism against freedom of Journalism

BSO (M) activists burnt Daily Tawar, a local nationalist urdu newspaper, office in Hub on Thursday. They had warned the papers earlier of grave consequences and only a day before burnt its paper on the road as sign to protest. The office turned into ashes with a loss of millions of rupees.

BSO (M) is student wing of BNP-Mengal. BNP Mengal is a political party striving to favor a settlement of Baloch issue within Pakistani federation. On the same it also posture a nationalist outlook that is seen as double standard by hardcore nationalist parties in Balochistan.

Daily Tawar is a nationalist newspaper widely known for neutral coverage of Balochistan issue and for brave reporting and observing ethics of journalism. It has widely published on duplicity of Baloch political parties especially NP and BNP. Many of article published in it openly disclose the role of parliamentary parties collaboration with Pakistani state agencies to suppress Baloch cause. However, Daily Tawar has time to time expressed that opinion published in the newspaper are not policy of the paper. Instead of it, the neutrality of paper has brought it at being logger-head with BNP and NP.
The journalist and intelligentsia across Balochistan have strongly condemned the notorious act of BSO (M). They expressed deep regret over the act taken by a student party which is the student wing of BNP led by Sardar Atta Ullah Mengal.They termed it open act of terror and called BNP to dissolve its notorious student wing. Otherwise it would be considered that top leadership of BNP was in collaboration with its student wing in the act of terror. In future, they affirmed, student wing would be a bitter pill for BNP to swallow. They called authority to bring the culprit into justice.

Baloch nationalist party harshly condemned the act as counter-insurgency tactic to shun the voice of Baloch. They said that independent reportage and brave stance of Daily Tawar had been the biggest hated things in the mind of Pakistani agencies and its local stooge. The recent stance of BSO M affirmed that it was an stooge of ISI and MI. infact it is great success for Baloch media that it revealed the true face of BSO (M) and its Master BNP (M). Their act proved that they were collaborating with agencies to suppress Baloch Independent movement. But they are living in fool paradise.

The editor of Daily Tawar, Khadim Lehri said while talking to INP that BSO (M) had burnt the office of Daily Tawar in Hub. He further added that he had got intimidation from the group for a long time and the same group also staged rallies against the Daily in different area of Balochistan and burnt many issues of the paper

A reporter of Daily Tawar told Adeenag . “We did not get intimidated and continue our struggle to bring the truth forth and will do it in future. Baloch love our paper and we got thousands of message and call expressing sympathy and standing besides us.”

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