The Importance and profitability of Gwadar Port and the Security Problems

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The Importance and profitability of Gwadar Port and the Security Problems

Post  Bolan on Sun Jul 03, 2011 9:37 am

The government has been inviting the countries across the world to invest in Mega Projects in Balochistan’s coastal areas, especially Gwadar Port. Besides several other countries, China is in the forefront of such investments. Despite of spending billions of dollars, not only Gwadar Port is still dysfunctional but also others projects have failed to be completed yet. The entire world is aware of financial and strategic importance of Balochistan coasts and all powers seem to be interested in investing in the region to exploit its invaluable natural resources and take advantage of its geo-political location. But the prospects of international investment seem to be withering away due to deteriorating security situation and ongoing political crisis.

Reservations have also been observed during the visits of international investors and officials of several countries, as reported by media. According media reports, the international investing firms and officials of countries not only have desired to take part in activities but also tabled their reservations about security situation. The government’s several efforts have resulted in failure because investors prefer investment in those areas where security situation is favorable and they get their desired profits.

The current scenario goes contrary to this. However, recently the chief minister of Balochistan Aslam Raeesani has once again invited EU to establish a trade consulate in Gwadar for kicking off trade and economic activities. On the occasion he also gave a briefing about economic feasibility and importance of Gwadar Port and other ongoing projects.Despite of Chief Minister’s talks with French consulate General on investments, France has not yet shown any sign of interests to invest in Balochistan. The observers point out that the current insurgency is the main cause of lack of interest. To them, deteriorating security is an issue that needs to be solved before initiating investment. According to them the only way out to this crisis is the solution of Balochistan issue which should reflects historical facts and the aspiration of Baloch people.

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