Calling for trials of Baloch Sarmachars ; The symptoms of the historic deception

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Calling for trials of Baloch Sarmachars ; The symptoms of the historic deception

Post  Bolan on Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:22 pm

By Hafeez Hassan Abadi

A story lead to another , that when someone happens to see the statements of Balochistan’s chief minister Nawab Aslam Raeesani and agedly respected elder leader Sardar Attaulla Mengal , two things will simeltenously come to mind. The first that when a women went along with her husband in a foreign land. After sometimes, a compatriot once came to see her. She asked him about his land. The guest gave her the good news, “your father has become the chieftain of the tribe.” The seemingly happy news made the woman weep desperately. The nearby people said her with sympathy, “you should be happy because your father is now Sardar ,and what make you the poor fellow to weep now.” She replied. ‘‘I am weeping because when they have made my father the Sardar, it means all the good ones have died before that it comes my father’s turn.”

Whoever has listened or watched the interview of Nawab Aslam Raeesani with BBC must have thought , and when the likely disrespect of the elder Sardar Menagal in the public eyes dawn upon me , I feel how lucky was Sher Muhammad Marri that he died at the right time . Otherwise how degraded would he be , like Wadeera Hazar Khan Bijarani , guarded by levies and FC in Thad’di.

Perhaps very few know the reality that Mir Sher Mohd Marri played the key role in metamorphosising Baloch into Gazzini and Bijaran when they returned from Afghanistan while they left Balochistan as Baloch. The enemity which Mir Hazar Bijarani made his sole justification to handover him to the military by forming a levies of brave Baloch begain in Kabul when Sardar Sher Mohd Marri asked Sardar Marri for division of arms and ammunition. In nutshell , while returning from Kabul Mir Sher Mohd was of the opinion that Baloch was withdrawing from the war and returning to Balochistan , the arms collected during the period must be distributed . He knew very well that he would claim the biggest share as Sardar of Bijrani clan which was more in number than Gazzini clan. On the other hand, Khair Bux Marri was of the opinion that they were truly going back but that did not mean that there would not be a possible need of collective arms again.

Therefore whatever they gathered wherever in the name the movement should be kept as property of the movement. Time has proven it now that Khair Bux knew very well that if these arms were scattered once, their timely assembling would hardly be possible. By such a division of arms, some notables woul keep a few common Marri armed with Kalashnikovs, other would be wasted being sold. As the sardar supreme commander it was his duty not to let happen it in this way, he remarked. Many other issues also followed thereafter but it was central point on which they aparted their way from Sardar Marri. Today, Sherov Marri is no more but his differences did not go beyond Sardar Marri and therefore his timely death saved him from degradation before Baloch people. What if he went too beyond like Mir Hazar khan? While now people remembering Shero wish that if he were alive, he would never become a puppet of the government, and Chamalang would never be sold worthlessly. This conditiontional” case” has made Shero Marri be recalled as guerrilla commander of 60s and 70s while Mir Hazar Khan as commander of 70s and today a paid government Major.

Declaring the historic anti-national sentence, Sardar Atta ullah has barred any chance of conditional “case”. His words are: “what these guys do, they kill some Punjabis daily is wrong and I never justify such acts. Whoever’s hand behind this, government should arrest and trial them. They should be punished legally.” Having given a call for trial of the Baloch , how friendly he suggested the government over its brutalities, and his selection of words is to be read carefully. “The government which claims for the protection of the rights and security of people must act more prudently…. Arresting any innocent, killing him after torcher, dumping his decomposed body on the road and, calling it as your gift is not an act of a civilized government”

Terming the conscious struggle of Shaheed Akbar Bugti , Shaheed Balach , Shaheed Ghulam Mohd and hundreds of other martyred baloch , young and old, as emotional sentimentalism and teaching their followers a terrible lesson in his statement , he would have better remained silent instead. He has also expressed his views against Baloch Fighters several times befor this statements which were later modified by his shrewd followers by changing the orders of words to get him a face saved and to give an impact felt that the Sardar’s political party is gradually tilting towards demanding freedom , and lest exploiting and misinterpretations of his statements should bar him joining Baloch Nation independent movement.

It can easily be figured out by analyzing the way he expressed his views on Baloch Movement in his statement that what BNP will do after coming into power because it has no objection over killings, and also calls for trial of Baloch. It has only reservations over the modus operandi which is harshly uncivilized.
The people who were fed up of the father, who used to steal the coffins of the dead from graveyard, let us see what his son will do to them. We can only derive a conclusion, when BNP comes to rule Baluchistan, with its slogan of the right of self determination.

It is to be noted that what BNP culpably calls for while being out of power ,was never demanded even by Asalam Raeesani when he was in opposition. Instead he always demanded for stopping state atrocities over Baloch and even like Sardar Sanaullah Zehri wept his crocodile tears over it. He lost his sight after he has come into power that he could not see the dead bodies of Baloch and forceful violations of their code of honor by forces. They do see “the guys” who are bravely resisting against occupier’s treading on their centuries old traditions and thousands years of history, and thier fearlessness to sacrifice their lives like what their forefathers Hamal Kalmati and Mir Mehrab Khan did. And today, toeing the line of the oppressors, one Nawab terms them terrorists, and another proposes their discriminate killings.

Before concluding this discussion, we shoud give primary focus to this argument that Nawab Raeesani always rubs salt on the Baloch’s wounds by giving thoughtless statements for placating IG FC , but what makes the eldest Mengal to give such statements?
The reality is that the statements of elder and younger Mengals have been issued in an uniformed order for the last two consecutive years. Whenever Sardar Akhtar Mengal gives an interview to Pakistani Media where he expresses his feding up with Pakistan, and interpretes the right of self determination, it is immediately followed by a explanatory discussion of Sardar Attaullah with journalist some times in Noshki, Panjgoor and Kharan where he reiterates to hit the headlines of newspaper that only solution to Balochisatn issue is that Islamabad should transfer all ministires to the provinces except the three ministries. Such distortion in the meaning of the right of self determinations is aimed at assuring Islamabad what their “brand of right of self determination” means and to make Islamabad believe that the statements of these young men do not hold water, and that the supreme command of the party still lies with him.

This time also when an purposeless letter of Sardar Akhtar Mengal written to Ban Ki Mon hit the headlines of newspapers,the Sardar , grasping the fragility of the matter promptly issued his statement before Islamabad showed its unhappiness over commiting a serious mistake by making an internal issue an international issue ,and the very dangerous game of crossing the boundaries of Pakistani parliamentary poilitics in his letters and messages .

However, he could also have demanded the trail of killers of baloch people and teaching them terrible lessons, he did not do this because he knew very well that doing so will annoy Islamabad and thereby it will become a part of his party policies.

There is a striking similarity in the statements of IG FC, Nawab Aslam Raeesani and Sardar Atta ullah Menagal that Balochistan issue will never be solved and there will never be peace without eliminating “ the few violent heads.” A deep analysis of the statement reveals that they are all part of the same chain and unless the chain is broken , they will all keep talking about the same ends. The chain is their relations to Pakistan. Sardar Attaulla Mengal or any other leader will never truly represent the baloch unless they call for ending Pakistan occupation and independence of Balochistan.

Some people may raise the question that why the interests of Baloch people cant be fulfilled while being a part of Pakistan. The simple answer is that the state of Pakistan is antithesis to the state of Balochistan, and it conspires to eliminate Baloch nation. No power , whether consciously or unconsciously , being a part of conspiracy of its national antithesis and thereby giving the defacto situation a dejure status , can defend its national interests. Then , how Sardar Attaulla Mengal or anybody else can defend its national status being against of this basic principle. In nutshell , if they don’t perceive the things in this angle , their all potentials will be waisted and their every action will end in bringing dishonor to them. And, the scholars like Dr Naguman will keep reiterating the famous Balochi saying “pit k pit ey bot’en maat gon ramag a gon nabot”
(An honorable husband will never let his wife flock the sheeves.)

Translated By Aadenag Baloch
Courtesy Daily Tawar

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