A Century of Torture by New Mayans

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A Century of Torture by New Mayans

Post  Bolan on Tue Jul 05, 2011 12:26 pm

By: Diagoh Murad

A Century of overt torture over nations has been coming as a ritual performed in the ancient times by Mayan civilization, where one powerful nation sought to conquer and digest the very identity of the oppressed nation. Like in Mayan Civilization, the Mayan rulers waged war on rival Mayan cities, took their rulers captive, destroyed the civilized tribes and their land then tortured them and ritually sacrificed them to the gods, this ritual too can be seen in today's time where powerful nation take control over the territories which never belongs to them. Repression, torture, demolished cities & annihilate the national identity is always the features of a powerful oppressor, and if one want to seek these features then this era is full of oppressors who are performing these rituals according to Mayan civilization.

Pakistan although an Islamic republic which have sought to protect the rights of Muslim's of India has been exemplary over exhibiting these features, The most clear example is of Baloch nation whom were subjugated and their national identity [which is still intact]is in the process of digestion by Pakistan. Many believes the Mayan rulers to be cruel and racist and condemn them to be an evil race to ever come into existence but why most of these critics have stitched their lips and ducked their hands when it comes to today's Mayan's who are in disguise but they perform the same rituals only they use sophisticated methods to do so, They conquer, they torture, they sacrifice and above all they slave the autonomous nation under their claws in the most legalized way that even the champions of humanity protectors don't condemn their acts and show their aggression over to the downtrodden nation who's will is to struggle and break the chains of torture that have been clamped to their necks.
Pakistan if I meant is an Islamic state but let clear it out that it is only the name of Islam that is utilized by it, the rituals which this state performs are of same nature the Mayan's performed long ago. In the most current time, 63 years have passed since Baloch were forcefully annexed with it in the name of Islam and Islamic brotherhood, but all these years Baloch nation received nothing in return, the brotherhood was nothing but a fraud to blind the world over to their wrong doing of conquering an autonomous nation into their own policies and rules. The recently abducted and all the missing persons if counted will sum up more than 10000 who are still languishing inside the torture cells in Pakistan which are under the control of Pakistani army and intelligence agencies, some of them were killed in those hells & most are still going through mental stress, The population of these missing persons also have a minority of Baloch women who are kept as sex slaves (What an Islamic country where a women respect is taken as a token of appreciation by these bastard soldiers whom call themselves as Pak army), if a sensible man with a pious heart hear the story of Banok Zarina Marri then he will surely pray to dear God that may god break the spirit of that army which rapes women in the name of God.

The missing persons from head to toe are all innocent and all charges (The missing were never produced before courts or were given any fair trial) against them are spurious like the Pakistani identity given to Baloch nation. The three political leaders of Balochistan namely Shaheed Ghulam Mohamed, Shaheed Lala Munir, & Shaheed Sher Mohamed whom were abducted in the full view of public from their lawyer's office in Turbat, Balochistan were never produced before any judicial court even the eyewitness gave the full sculptor of those involved in the incident, those who were identified as ISI personals were never arrested or prosecuted for the crime they have done for murdering these three political leaders, and this is the manner applied and obtained by the Pakistani judicial system with all those missing or killed person by the hands of state security and intelligence agencies.

The torture inflicted over to these missing persons is beyond the lines of Islam or Humanity, not even the Mayan's ever taught about these kinds of tactics to be used as a torture element, they Mayan's were evil in their nature but if someone wants to know the true meaning of evil then He/She must visit Balochistan and meet with the family members of those who are missing and are languishing inside the Pakistani torture cell. The American Guantanamo is being criticize for being the gruesome prison ever created to punish those responsible and they "Human Rights Protector" always urged to close it down but have these protectors ever looked into the prison created for Baloch political workers inside Pakistan and Iran if not then they should visit these prisons and meet up with the innocent prisoners who are unwearied when they are being tortured inside those hells.

The Iran captured prisoners are never prosecuted and their trial is like a television show, in the most cases when the prisoners are of Baloch origin or Kurd origin, the trials ends in just 7 to 6 minutes and after it the person no matter if he's innocent or guilty his hanged in front the public or shot dead and later the body is taken into possession until the required amount for it is not submitted by the victims family. The Pakistani torture cells created just for Baloch are different but are cruel then Iranian torture cells, in these torture cells the Baloch prisoners are tortured to an indecent amount, there bodies burned, humiliation follows with torture. In only Dera Bugti the Pakistani army operated against innocent Baloch and to their frustration they threw six baloch in the coal fire to be burned alive (The below Pictures are the proof).

Wahid Qamber, Fazal Karim & Nako Faiz are the fresh and foremost long example of torture inflicting on Baloch prisoners inside the Jail of Pakistan, not only them but a 20 year old young teen namely Qamber Chaker arrested by FC (Frontier Constabulary) was also treated with severe torture without any medical examination. Wahid Qamber along with his friends Fazal Karim & Nako Faiz still inside the Pakistani Jail suffering from a false case registered against them by the ATF court and Intelligence agencies. ATF which is an Anti Terrorist court but in Wahid Qamber and many other baloch political workers case it becomes an Anti Baloch Court, where cases against Baloch workers are judged by ISI and MI point of view, Wahid Qamber who was sentenced to 25 years in Jail is still waiting for a fair trial which was never given to him even the high court ordered the ATC-1 to reinstate the case and restart the proceedings, But till now nothing is being seen and daughter of Wahid Qambar, Banok Shari Baloch still struggle to get her father back from the clutches of evil safe and sound.

Zakir Majeed another political worker of Balochistan abducted on 8th June 2009 is still missing even with many fresh protest and hunger strike from the family members and friends, The young man is still lost and the family members are worried that maybe his life is in danger as it is the case with all the Baloch who were taken forcefully to the torture cells, Dr Iqbal Baloch who was abducted long ago is no more because of being torture to the hilt, his mother who called shots after shots of protest couldn't suffocate the tough and cruel system of judiciary inside Pakistan and gave up & died along with her son. Last month a Baloch prisoner Mehrdil Baluch had died in prison due to lack of basic health facilities and medication.

The Mayans are still ruling and the different between these Mayans is they use different means of torture, they have new weapons which are nuclear and they even didn't heed to the local population when they fired the nuclear missiles over to Balochistan region Chagai on 28 May 1998, the region still suffers with severe diseases which have caused many dysfunctions in new born, and the water of the region is mostly effected with nuclear radiation.

The new report of a mysterious disease also was the cause of the nuclear blast tested in Chagai without the authority of the local tribesmen, it was reported in Baloch media that in the most recent days 60 children lost their life's because of this disease which is like chicken pox but it is more lethal than just a pox, the wounds which are the cause of skin decomposing are the main root of this life taking disease but negligence of Pakistani government over to this disease is because that Baloch are effected with this disease so Pakistan with its chauvinism heritage from its birth has never helped or even cared for Baloch as a Human being. Islam maybe is the religion most people follow in Pakistan but in Pakistani Islam they say who ever is opposed with the attitude of Pakistan (Country created by God) is against God and they are therefore legitimized to be tortured for their indecency.

Mayans extinction may have saved the world before from a brutal force but what the world is going to do with these new Mayans who are more lethal and cruel than the one who passed away, these Mayans use a new religion as a shield to protect their malicious propaganda against humanity. If the world is keen enough, if United States, United Nations, Europe and all the Human Rights organization are passionate enough about humanity service then the appeal goes to them to save the suffering and downtrodden nation from these new Mayans, who are using every instrument of torture against the poor and subjugated Baloch nation.

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