Outcome of the Immature Conscious

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Outcome of the Immature Conscious

Post  Bolan on Tue Jul 05, 2011 1:12 pm

By:Dr.Allah Nazr Baloch
Translated by: Moreid Baloch

I might not agree with Arundhati Roy’s sentence that, “stories storm like swarms”, while Stanley Witt comments on daily life affairs that, “the man can observe”. Ideas could be anyone’s but the expression and sequence of ideas should be different which is the elevation of human wisdom and revelation of human consciousness. Can a shepherd draw any idea from the routine habits of his flock? Certainly! Can he elaborate the behavior and habits of the flock into ideas within himself? Definitely! How many beautiful ideas can a human mind accommodate into his unconscious? Or how much room does the unconscious have for malice? What wretched would demarcate the borders of his thoughts who inhibits in a human-jungle all the time? It has been less-noticed that there are few things which are encoded into human unconscious. For example; volume, malice, stature, status, fame, revenge etc. Theses are the things that have resemblance with Marx’s Theory of Negation. Experience proves that perhaps measurement of the unconscious is beyond the capabilities of a common man. In order to polish the subconscious, one has to empower the conscious over unconscious, as Plato suggests. To accept the truth as the truth or get the truth accepted by force only suites the human intellect.

Undoubtedly, there is room for exaggeration. But, as Tegore said, “pleasing sound of a stream can be silenced in the storm, its direction can be diverted, its quality and quantity can be changed, but it can only sustain for a while, not for long”. The stream starts singing on its own rhythm as usual after the storm calms down. Can the movements of unconscious make the human intellect helpless? Can the human intellect be subdued by the expression of unconscious or emotions? Perhaps, it is like the storm that is trying to disrupt the mild melody of a stream with its unmusical noise ephemerally. Incomprehensible things are naturally encoded into the unconscious. Contrivance is not a part of the unconscious but the consciousness. Nevertheless, it does or can apt every such thing in the way that only a few giants could. Is patience either the other name for helplessness or the evolution of human intellect or consciousness? When, the storm of unconscious breaks out then, the serene behavior of the conscious is called patience. It can only be applied onto the human society. Rest of the creation is exempted because, they can not benefit from their experiences. Debreu portrays his hero as a giant because he wants his experiences to be the beacon for the entire humanity. The hero, for which, Debreu calls himself a dwarf, in my opinion; those people rank higher than the giants. Because, dwarfs always endanger themselves in order to surpass the giants and prove their reverence. So as to there is no wonder in presenting commonsense ideas in one’s own way or arguing it with one’s own superficial cloak. For example; an immature-mind is trying to end its existence gradually while striving to adopt someone’s posture, body movement or way of speech unconsciously.

However, he does not want to use even one thousandth of his own conscious. Is he still a slave of unconscious or fed-up of evolution? Some immature minds constantly stay still as if this ice never breaks, but busy in keeping up the state of putting up layers after layers like Siberia. That is also a part of subconscious or unconscious. Sustaining the uniqueness and dissolving the situation is something that is beyond an immature-mind can handle. Intellect, insight, perception are all the same thing. Whether it is commonly thought or considered for sure, that the intellect, perception, insight, ratiocination are connected to each other. But, in order to purify its existence, intellect, ratiocination and perception give birth to logic.

Is the man is complete who leaves the state of affairs on the mercy of others instead of his own perception? Is the human intellect sufficient in order to become a complete human being? Is it harmonious to bury rest of the branches or off-shoots of conscious? Granted that, there are plenty of blessings hidden in an inharmonious life or delirious ideas are outcome of the experiences of innumerable human beings. Or you might say that, whether these experiences are not forming a society. Is the trade of ideas and intellect possible in a human society? Granted that, whether presenting the incongruous ideas inopportunely or scrutinizing them with one’s own intellect and considering rest of the society or the people as losers who bring his ideas into their study. Whoever hail-stones the incongruous ideas then the consciousness always advocates the experiences of a Persian poet’s advise to flee, so that the intellect accepts it or escapes its way out. In my opinion; instead of escaping, one should employ patience with the aim of persuading subconscious or an immature-mind where conscious must employ logic. Because, getting away always creates individual flaws in the society. This immature-mind can become a terminal disease. And, the overwhelming possibility of its turning into a plague somewhere can not be ruled out.

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