The Traitors of the time - Can Pakistan protect them forever?

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The Traitors of the time - Can Pakistan protect them forever?

Post  Bolan on Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:31 pm

By Babul Baloch (Italy) - Received via e-mail

It is a natural phenomenon that whenever nations confront crisis, occupations, or combating with the foes, then internal and external obstacles are created in a very large number by the enemies. Same is the case in Balochistan. Baloch nation has been fighting for their freedom since the occupation of their sovereign state, Balochistan, by Pakistan. Not only has it made underdog to the Army of Pakistan but also creating economic loss for her. However, the existence of collaborators in Balochistan has been a major issue, and it is resulting great loss to motherland.

The state of Pakistan wants to strengthen her occupation on Balochistan. Therefore, it includes pro-Pakistani politicians or some other so-called notables in the governments, who serve as stooges, read spies, to continue “genocide” of Baloch nation including the abduction of political workers and freedom supporters. Regardless of what profession they may be affiliated with such as writers, journalists or human rights activist. This fashion of brutal killing has been applied since the first inroad, in which Balochistan was occupied, what Pakistan calls “an agreed merger”.

Currently, Baloch freedom movement is strengthening. The national Armies are combating with the well equipped Army of Pakistan which is theoretically being supported by China and America. China helps Pakistan to perpetuate occupation of the richest part of Asia and for that reason it assists her to silence the voices of independence in Balochistan, and both the countries want to continue plundering of Baloch resources. On the other hand Pakistan is being supported by United States of America (USA) for the so called war against terror; USA so far has failed to understand that Pakistan’s so called help in “War against Terror” has been to gain money and weapons as they did in cold war against Russia. Bin Laden’s arrested near a Pakistan military compound and sheltering him for last many years should be an eye-opener for the USA.

Currently the fifth military operation is ongoing in Balochistan. The tactics of military operations not only include indiscriminate bombardments on the civilians but they also continue to disappear and kill and dump of common Baloch, political activists, teachers, lawyers and human rights defenders. However, one should not ignore that fact that this is the task of conspirators within Baloch Nation. They are, particularly, in government and they demand for provincial autonomy. They sit on the benches of opposition today but the opposition mean government in waiting for tomorrow.

If we illustrate the perpetrators and list them, there can be a very long chain of the government’s loyal collaborators .They are sitting in the lap of Pakistani Army, supporting and being supported by Pakistan to continue inhuman atrocities. People would call Jam Yousaf, Shoaib Nosherwani, Samad Lasi and Raziq Bugti the worst traitors and anti Baloch elements. However, if we examine the moves of current pupate Chief Minister of Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani; Obviously, every Baloch who loves Baloch and Balochistan will not even take a seconds to declare him notorious enemy of Baloch nation .Though Aslam Raisani claims to be a Baloch Nawab and Chief of Sarwan, he has left no modicum of nationalism in his personality or role to be called Baloch.

There are diverse activities and conspiracies of Aslam Raisani which validate his character dubious and opposed to Baloch. At present, he is playing the role of mini Keyani. Due to his deliberate actions and utter collaboration with Frontier Corps (FC) and Army, he has been allowed to loot and fulfil his needs from the resources of Balochistan and to continue corruption as much as he can but he is not allowed to question FC and secret agencies about abduction and extrajudicial killings taking place in Balochistan. In the current outstanding issue of Baloch missing persons and their “Kill and dump”, the role of Aslam Resani, his Party and their pocket organization the Sarawan Youth Force, can never be ignored.

No doubt, Aslam Raisani speaks in warning languages of Army Chief of Pakistan General Keyani or Major General F.C. Ominous statements of Aslam Raisani for challenging Baloch freedom fighters show that he is being dictated and paid. He names the military operation as “Development operation” in Balochistan, which is no doubt, his personal development. Since he is receiving his percentage from the so-called development projects; in fact, they are enough for his coming generations. On the other hand his “Mujahideens” (The looters, killers and kidnapers who are patronized by him and he uses them against Rind tribe) have been given free hand to loot, kill, and kidnap people for ransom. He, including his “Mujahideens” has decided to become tantamount to the Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind and his tribe. Historically, Rind and Raisani tribes have been rivals to each other for decades. Now Chief Minister has the opportunity to be well equipped with weapons and financially empowered so as to defeat Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind.

All the Baloch national and political parties, including Baloch National Armies have rejected ongoing census but on the demand of Pashtoon nationalists and by agreement of Nawab Aslam Raisani, it has been twice extended .This proves that not only he wants to harm Baloch national movement but also he tries to show Baloch nation a week and a minor power in Balochistan. For the purpose his efforts and silence on the calculation of more than 4200000 Afghan refugees in Balochistan is one of the heinous measurements.

If the memories of readers help them Aslam Raisani, including his family are the people, they assisted Pashtoon students’ organizations and Pashtoon nationalist in the hostility between Baloch and Pashtoon in Quetta. Apart from this, to bring division and disorganization in Baloch nation and counter Baloch Students Organization (BSO), they established Brahvi Students Federation (BSF), which disagrees with Baloch movement. Fortunately, they failed and could not fool Brahvi speaking Balochs on the name of languages. The former organization BSF, once again has become functional in current government.

History justifies and never forgives: Today, when more than eight thousand Balochs are missing, countless innocents have been martyred in indiscriminate bombardments, bullet-riddled and decomposed dead bodies of missing Balochs are found on daily bases . Aslam Raisani names these a “Development operation”. This is just making fun of the Baloch sentiments and sacrifices.

Aslam Raisani, including his all other responsible elements, who are involved in Baloch Kill and dump, will be held accountable for their crimes and will be put on trail sooner or later. These puppets of Pakistan are satisfied that Army of Pakistan will protect and facilitate them forever, it is a wrong concept and they are gravely mistaken. An army [Pakistan army] according to an Amirican magazine can even sell their mother (land) for money then how can Aslam Raisani pin hopes to such a corrupt and disloyal army? Pakistan is an unnatural, and a client state, the transient life of her will be washed-away by the time because days of Pakistan are almost numbered. Neither Pakistan and PPPP nor the Army and intelligence agencies of Pakistan will be able to protect Aslam Raisani and others like him. Yet the history will always name them as the traitors of Baloch nation.

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