A Baloch Senator’s Meeting with Hilary Clinton

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A Baloch Senator’s Meeting with Hilary Clinton

Post  Bolan on Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:37 pm

According to news reports Dr Malik, the head of National Party, has had a meeting with the American foreign secretary Hilary Clinton, where he has expressed his support for drone attacks and welcomed the Kerry Lugar bill.

What could be more apathetic then that of Dr Malik’s attitudes towards his national issues? This has saddened us deeply. We know that slavery has eroded our self confidence from us, which is why, whenever we talk, we slavishly try to appease the masters. It is an illness, but when this illness affects a national leader, then it becomes hard to full the nation out of it abyss of slavery. It is now incumbent upon us to remind people like Dr Malik, that when you claim to be a national leader, then you should be to talking about the issues of your unfortunate nation above all.

If you had the chance to utter a few words, then you should have expressed your concerns over the target killing of political leaders by the stated sponsored terrorism and you should have reminded her that on the one hand, the world powers oppose extremism, and urge the political forces to resolve the differences through democratic means, but on the other, the despotic regimes and governments, supported by world powers, would not hesitate to kill and wound the peaceful protesters. These despotic regimes would abduct political leaders in the broad day light and kill them; their rattled bodies with bullets are thrown at unknown deserted locations. But the same world powers, who lecture for peaceful means for resolving national issues, are overlooking these despotic regimes heinous crimes, which is regarded as a certificate for these states to carry out their heinous crimes of terminating the opponents and putting restriction on democratic and political means of struggles.
You should have reminded her about the ongoing military operations of Pakistani forces in Balochistan, the extra judicial actions and arrests, the years old disappearances of thousands of political workers and leaders, or exposed the fact to the world super power about Raskhoh nuclear tests environmental effects, the outbreak of different types of diseases, or the dislodging of local people from their villages for the past 12 years, and similarly complained about the radiation of Pakistan nuclear tests in the area where neither united nations nor a credible international nuclear inspection agency have visited the test site to assess the level of radiation, so that the people leaving in the surrounding area could be saved from the succeeding generational affects of these tests.

What on earth has urged Dr Malik to talk about Kerry Lugar bill and drone attacks while forgetting his own people who migrated in hundreds of thousands from Dera Bugti and Mountainous Marri, to alien places because of Pakistani military onslaught, of which a large number of families have migrated to neighbouring Afghanistan and they are living for the past five years leaving in extremely abject conditions, a human tragedy of which the government has adopted a shameful apathetic ignorance towards these people. It is also a shame full tragedy for United Nations that they have become totally apathetic toward Baloch IDPs.

Is it that the Kerry Lugar bill and the drone attacks are more important for Dr Malik then the precious lives of Jalil Reki, Zaker Majeed, Dr Deen Mohmd, Iqbal Baloch, Asger Ali Bungulzai, and thousands other disappeared Baloch? Entire Pakistan is there to express like or dislike about Kerry and Lugar bill and drone attacks, from president and prime minister, to opposition leader Nawaz Shareer to Imran Khan, all are engaged in debating the issue.

But who talks about your unfortunate Baloch nation?

The American officials are frequently visiting Pakistan; Pakistan has utterly made it impossible for Baloch to have access to American officials. In such a rare time when you had the chance/ access to America secretary and allowed to express yourself, (For me, as a Baloch, concerning the genocide of Baloch in Balochistan, all other issues are of secondary important) why you wasted it by talking about something which is of non important to Baloch national cause? Wastage of such opportunity amounts to negligence, foolishness and utterly as a crime against the nation.

We never expect that Dr Malik or his party would present the question of forced annexation of Balochistan with Pakistan before an American foreign Secretary - that it had never met its 62 year old promises; neither we have the slightest hope that he would complain about the Iranian forces incursion into eastern occupied Balochistan where it has been given free hand to carry out the massacre of innocent Baloch people.

It is beyond of our even thinking that he would bring to the notice of the foreign secretary that in Iranian occupied Balochistan, hardly a couple of days passes by the enlightened scholars, seculars and political workers are not persecuted or shot to death. The America might have played a positive role in stopping Iran from killing our innocent people by applying some sort of pressure on Iran. Still neither can we make the mistake by demanding from him that he should advocate for an independent Balochistan. But we do want to listen from him those talks; he has often been talking in front of Pakistani media and among Baloch people.

It is incomprehensible for us, while you’re in Malant or in Bulnegwer, you would express concern over killings of Baloch political leaders and speak to the fullest of your throat against the abduction of political workers, but the appropriate place where these concerns should have been raised, so that the master of Pakistan might prevent it from committing carnage of Baloch nation, but you remained silent! Why?

As a Baloch leader, your failure by not mentioning or taking up the calamitous situation of Balochistan, the American government presumably assumes two things out of this: first they assume that the news and reports of military operations in Balochistan, target killing of political leaders, forced abduction of political workers, firing on peaceful demonstrations are simply not true! And that in Pakistan press and political expression of thought is free as claimed by Rahman Malik. And those Baloch political workers who are living in Pakistan and in London, Stockholm, Oslo and Washington having constant agitation and protesting the Pakistani and Iranian atrocities against Baloch would be assumed lairs.

Second; the American must be thinking, that if indeed Balochistan is in serious turmoil where Baloch nation is facing the worst kind of brutality of state terrorism, then in terms of support or opposition, the Baloch leadership, who cannot take up its own national issues, then what the hell they can do for us? In fact no one can stop America from whatever it has intended to do in the region, so it does not matter if Pakistani president, parliament or prime minister, find it good or bad!!

Last year in the joint in-camera parliamentary session (probably Dr Malik's National Party was participating), all parliamentary parties, along with army chief, had asked the Americans to stop its drone attacks on Pakistani soil. The Prime minister became so enthusiastic in his oratory to the extent that he assured the public that he had asked American president Obama that they would immediately stop the drone attacks. We had termed this assurance as a "tasteless funny joke" of well-wishing, as the drone attacks are still continuing, flaunting Pakistani so called sovereignty in tribal areas openly. Because of fear of being disgraced, no leader can make any protest, why America has discarded their parliamentary joint decision into a dustbin?.

Kerry ludger bill too will be of no different; all will oppose it, except Dr malik, but no one will dare to refuse it. Banok Clinton was well aware of the disposition of these vagabonds, therefore, she categorically said that “if you don’t need the money, then don’t take it”. This stark answer zipped up their mouth forever.

Similarly, in this respect, if Dr Malik was to support the Kerry Lugar bill and the drone attacks, he could have represented his own national (Baloch) interests. Just as the bill stipulates Pakistan that it would not use the money against India, similarly, he could have asked her the same that any money or weapon given to Pakistan must be stipulated to the effect that it is not going to be used against Baloch, because until today all American aids are being used against Baloch.

Favouring the drone attacks, similarly, he could have offered his support for the attacks on the condition that targets are not chosen by Pakistan against Baloch freedom fighters and, making sure that the general public is saved from the attacks, and demanded as well that drone predators are not given to Pakistan, because we Baloch are apprehensive of the fact that it uses them against our nation, in instead of Taliban.

Coming to conclusion, had Dr malik taken up any one of several issues of Balochistan from any angle, it would have added a few weighs not only to his party, but a few grains to his name too. As for as the solution of Balochistan issue is concern, it cannot be resolved in one meeting, yet by this one could gauge the vision and honesty of these so called national leaders.

Oblivious to the excruciating sufferings of unfortunate smouldering Balochistan, today the news of this apathetic meeting has made it crystal clear that Dr Malik and his party is very close to Islamabad. Time will tell us what would be the judgment of Baloch and Balochistan regarding his apathy towards his nation, when the “Devi of words” would cease to manufacture excuses.

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