Unforgotten Independence Day

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Unforgotten Independence Day

Post  Bolan on Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:23 am

Written by Ali Baluch

The unknown country once was a colony of Britain ; compromises the area of 347,190 km² & 900 km long coastline declared as an independent country on 11th august 1947 known as Baluchistan.The new ray of hope for a better future came in the life of Baluch nation.But unfortunately after a 7 months of short period of time once again Baluch nation lost their status of independence as Pakistan invaded the Baluchistan on 27th march 1948 and forcibly merged.

Baluch never accepted the merger of Baluchistan with Pakistan from the first day.The
Baluch rebels headed towards the mountains took the positions and started the first Guerrilla fight for the freedom against the pakistani regime.The Baluch freedom fighters warned the occupied army that your pakistani flag does not belong to Baluchistan.But the wicked rulers of pakistan always used the religion islam as a tool to achieve the objective.Pakistani government asked freedom fighters come down to the mountains for negotiations but as a result government arrested most of them ,few kept behind the bars for life and many of them executed.

Afterwards Pakistani government started the method of British ''divide&rule policy''.They had
bought a group of greedy people,who started work within the Pakistani constitution and showed all of them as a real leader of Baluchistan.They made every illegal action legal through such traitors of Baluchistan.They tried to show the world that Baluch are now very much accommodated in the Pakistani system,they have accepted the Pakistan as their homeland.But during that all period occupiers forgot the guerrilla fighters who are now once again organised in a better way with the latest weapon to resist the occupied army.This time freedom fighters are not limited to camps in mountain,they headed down to the towns and streets of Baluchistan.Pakistani army and their informers are not feeling secure in the presence of freedom fighters.Freedom fighters easily targeting the army vehicles,checkposts,cantonments in the day light.Security personels insisting for transfers out of Baluchistan.Pakistani flag & anthem disappeared from the government buildings schools,universities,police-stations.So called Pakistani flag replaced by Baluchistan national flag in all schools,universities student started singing the Baloch national anthem.

Baluch national movement for independence purely supported by baluch masses in Baluchistan.Baluch student organisation & baluch nationalist parties organising the mass rallies,protest in the favour of freedom fighters.Pakistani regime disappearing the student activist,political leadership,human right campaigners,brutally torturing them in the military torture cells,threatning them to stop the demand for freedom.But salute to brave sons of balochistan who are not caring the life threats but happily accepting the martyrdom for the holy cause.

Baluch patriot parties,Baluch student organisation and Baluch liberation wings appealed the entire nation to be ready for the celebrations of independence day on 11th august.Baluch freedom fighters recent courageous statement is the new hope for the nation,that they are ready for the final combat and Pakistani forces should be ready to face the worse.Baluchistan independence will be declared on the same day.

After passing sixty years of occupation baluch nation possess same spirit and courage on 11th august the day of Baluchistan independence, while every year 14th august marked as a black day in Baluchistan; now its the duty of United Nation should immediately consider the ground realities of Baluchistan and solve the baluch national question for independence.

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