Baluch have not got large population which afford a chance to resist domination

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Baluch have not got large population which afford a chance to resist domination

Post  Bolan on Fri Jul 08, 2011 8:26 am

By M Sarjov

1. British Empire had eroded the khanate institution. Kalat was capital of Baluchistan; prior to British interference. Khanate the head of confederacy had sway of power over the Baluchistan confederation. British isolated Khan of Kalat. British paid subsidy direct to tribal chief, and so the British Empire leased some part of Baluchistan from Khan of Kalat. (British Baluchistan).

2. On 11 August 1947 Baluchistan became independent state, but her independence was short lived. Pakistan asked Baluchistan to join new born Islamic state of Pakistan, Khan of Kalat put the proposal to Baluchistan parliaments but Baluchistan parliaments had rejected annexation with the Pakistan.

3. Baluchistan’s elected chamber argued that Baluchistan cannot and would not join Pakistan, because Baluch is a nation, Baluchistan is a state; a shared religious identity is not enough for Baluch to relinquish their identity. Pakistan army invaded Baluchistan. It led to the current occupation of a free sovereign country by Pakistani aliens.

4. Some Baluch have always believed that they have a small stake in preserving the undivided Pakistan. Baluch did not ask for prolonging the colonial rule, Baluch opted for an independent Baluchistan.

5. Baluch have always feared a competition with Punjabi, Phatan and mohijir in the single state. Baluch’s fears are based on numerical inferiority. Baluchistan covers 47 percent of Pakistan land mass but with a population of less than 7 percent of 170 millions Pakistani souls.

6. National party (NP), Baluchistan National party (BNP), (Baluch people party in western Baluchistan (BPP)) behave like backward groups; they tend to demand representation in a political and public service more than a proportion to their numbers. Baluchistan has been denied a good education, few Baluch have taken their children’s education seriously, and there is a shortage of a suitable candidate for such positions.

7. These educational, economical and political denials of opportunities are coupled with that Pakistan is dominated by Punjabi and Mohijir and others, Iran is dominated by Parisian and Turk, and certainly Baluch demand will be unmet. Some of their member will opt for separation of Baluchistan from both states.

8. The new Baluchistan separatist organisations have uncompromising demands than the groups which have preceded it. The passage of leadership and escalation of demand reflect the character of the calculation Baluch separatist make. Baluch see little choice, but to separate from Pakistan and Iran respectively and form their own country together. Baluchistan doesn’t need any subsidies from centre. The decision to separate from Pakistan and Iran economically is cost free to Baluch and would inflect huge loses to respective states.

9. Elite, intelligentsia, tribal chiefs economic interests are connected to Pakistan at the present time. But their interests will diverge at the moment of decision. Baluch educated elite stand to gain from the creation of new opportunities in the independent Baluchistan. New independent Baluchistan creates new positions while reducing the pool of competitors. These exclude Punjabi and Mohijir and other from those higher positions and include Baluch elites with their lower seniority. The educated segments of Baluch do not resist independent but lead the movement.

10. The divergence of interests, calculations of sacrifices and opportunities are overwhelmed by huge sentiment that the Pakistan and Iran are intolerable.

11. As the British colonial rule was ended in the region a new Punjabi, Persian colonialism has arrived for Baluch. Imposition of Persian and Punjabi and others for certain official purposes in both countries is hostility toward Baluch.

11. The administration, the army, the police, the judiciary and trade in Baluchistan are in Persian and Punjabi and others hands, Persian, Urdu are the official national languages. Current estimate gave Baluch in Pakistan 5 percent of civil service position in their province almost non at the highest levels. Baluch civil service position in Iran is zero percent.

12. Baluchistan is colonised by Persian administers with surplus resources and superior education backed by the state institutions, Bauch with inferior education lack of resources stigmatised unable to compete in the free market is destined to lose.
13. Baluch have not got large populations which afford a chance to resist domination; they should chose separation from undivided Pakistan, Iran. Baluch cannot afford promises of special concessions from centres. Pledge to autonomy would fail to protect the Baluch dignity and honours and preserve the Baluch culture and identity.

The writer is a London based Baloch political activist

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