Nine including a pro-Pakistan tribal elder killed in Jafarabad gun battle

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Nine including a pro-Pakistan tribal elder killed in Jafarabad gun battle

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Wed Nov 02, 2011 4:24 am

Occupied Balochistan - Nine persons, including a commander of the Pakistan government-backed Tribal Peace Force and five militants were killed in a gun battle in Jafarabad district on Monday.

According to news reports, the incident occurred in Jani Beri are of Jafar Abad when Baloch militants ambushed the vehicle of the government-backed Wader. Four men of the peace force including a commander, Nabi Dad alias Bahi Khan, have been killed and seven other sustained serious injuries in the attack.

Some unconfirmed reports by Pakistani media sources suggest that five militants were also killed in the cross fire.

The other three member of the peace force were identified as Latif Bugti, Sadiq Bugti and Wali Muhammad. The injured were shifted to a nearby hospital for treatment; however, their identity could not be ascertained immediately.

Meanwhile, BRA spokesman Sarbaaz Baloch called newspaper offices and claimed responsibility for the attack.

The BRA has also issued a statement on their official webpage claiming that Nabi Dad aka Bahi Khan was a collaborator of Pakistan military and was working against Baloch National Struggle. The statement claimed that the killed commander of Peace Forces was involved in abductions, torture and killing of innocent Baloch youth in Dera Bugti.

The BRA statement warned all others like Nabi Dad to stop collaborating with the occupying forces: Baloch Republican Army warns all elements working against Baloch national cause or collaborating with occupying forces, to learn a lesson from termination of Bhai khan and abandon all the anti-Baloch activities or else they will face the same fate.”

The BRA website doesn’t mention anything about the militants being killed in the fighting between BRA fighters and the Government-backed Tribal Peace Forces.

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