Bullet riddled body of another missing person found

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Bullet riddled body of another missing person found

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:41 pm

Occupied Balochistan:A body discovered from Dasht area of Balochistan has been identified as of Dr Ahmad S/O Sher Ahmad Marri, a resident of Kahan Balochistan.

According to details on Saturday body found from Dasht area of district Mastung, Balochistan, have been identified as Dr. Mir Ahmed Marri s/o Shir Ali Marri who was a resident of Kahan, the ancestral town of Baloch National leader Sardar Khair Bux Marri.

Dr Marri 35 had migrated to Sindh during Musharraf era when Pakistan army had launched offensive operations in Kohistan Marri and Dera Bugti areas, killing hundreds of innocent people including women and children. He has been living in Sindh along with his family since he moved there.

On 20 September 2011, he was abducted by Pakistan security personals from Hyderabad, Sindh. On 27 October the sister of Ahmad Marri while addressing a press conference outside Quetta Press Club had said that her brother went to Hyderabad along with nine other people of her family where he was picked up by security personnel near the Hydarabad “bakra mandi” (cattle market) and has been listed missing ever since.

His sister while threating self-immolation had further said: “He was the sole breadwinner of our family. I will commit suicide in front of the Balochistan Assembly by burning myself if he is not returned safely back to us,” she declared.

All her hopes have vanished when the bullet riddled body of her brother was found on 12 November 2011 and was shifted to a hospital in Quetta for identification. On Tuesday (15 November 2011) family has visited the hospital and confirmed that it was the body of Dr Ahmad Marri. According to family sources he will be laid to rest today, 16-11-2011, at Baloch Martyrs’ cemetery in New Kahan Quetta.

Meanwhile, the civil death squad of Pakistani military Nafaz-e-Aman (Restoration of Peace) has accepted responsibility of killing two abducted Baloch and said that they’re still holding four people who will be killed soon. The spokesperson of Organisation identifying himself as Ghazi Khan said that his group has killed Aziz Bangulzai and Nabi Buz Bangulzai. He further said that they have made a list of several other Baloch activists who will soon be target killed one by one.

Tehreek-e-Nefaz-e-Amn Balochistan is said to be the armed wing of, a political party, Mutahida Mahaz Balochistan (United Front Balochistan) headed by Siraj Raisani brother of Balochistan CM Aslam Raisani. The armed wing (Nafaz-e-Aman) consists of drug addicts, convicted criminals and robbers who have been hired by the Pakistan military to continue its secret dirty war in Balochistan.

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