Relatives of Baloch missing people hold demo, VMBP boycott Pakistani commission

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Relatives of Baloch missing people hold demo, VMBP boycott Pakistani commission

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:35 pm

Two more bodies recovered and four other Baloch have been abducted from different areas of Balochistan

Occupied Balochistan - Dozens of relatives of Baloch missing persons, including women and children on Saturday staged a demo outside Quetta Press Club to protest against discovery of mutilated bodies of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch, and undue delay in recovery of other missing persons.

The protest was organised by Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) led by its Chairman Nasrullah Baloch. The VBMP also announced to boycott the Pakistani Commission, constituted to trace missing persons, and refused to appear before it on 28 November 2011. Instead, they urged the International Human Rights Organisation to intervene in Balochistan issue and take notice of Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people.

They feared that if prompt steps were not taken for release of Baloch enforced-disappeared political workers and youth who have been picking up by state intelligence agencies, they would be killed and dumped in the same style. They appealed to international humanitarian organizations, the United Nations and the Supreme Court to intervene.

The participants of the demo were carrying placards, portraits of their beloveds and banners inscribed with various demands. They were also shouting slogans appealing the world community to play their due role in halting kill and dump incidents in Balochistan.

Addressing the protestors, VBMP President Nasrullah Baloch, sister of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch strongly condemned the killing of Baloch missing political workers and youths. They said that the state security agencies were continuously killing abducted Baloch activists before subjecting them to brutal and inhuman physical and mental torture. “The discovery of bullet-ridden bodies across Balochistan is a continuation of the massacre and genocide of Baloch Nation,” they said. Sister of Wodood Raisani said that Jalil Reki’s family has been protesting for his recovery from past three year but nobody heard their plea for help.

A message of Jalil Reki’s father Mr Qadeer Reki was also read at the protest: “My son has been murdered in an attempt to weaken the voice of the families of rest of the Baloch missing persons. However, I am proud of my son because he has sacrificed his life for mother land and Baloch Nation. We will continue our struggle for the recovery of Baloch missing persons.” In addition, talking to Vsh New, Balochi language TV channel, Qadeer Baloch revealed that a security official who requested not to be named has informed him that his son (Jalil Reki’s) body was thrown from a helicopter. He further said that the official also told him that his high ups (presumably MI, military Intelligence) later called him and informed about the identifications of the bodies as that of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch.

Meanwhile the chairman of VBMP, Nasrullah Baloch, said that the commission, to trace missing people, constituted by federal government is due to visited Quetta on 28 November, 2011 but his organisation will not appear before the commission. “We have decided to boycott the commission and not to appear before it because the head of the commission is a retired judge of Supreme Court and he did not do any work for missing persons when he was serving as a judge. Hence, it is our final decision that we will not appear before this helpless commission.”

He also strongly condemned the brutal murder of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch saying that ISI has kept Mr Reki in different torture locations in past three years and subjected him to brutal torture. He said several people who were lucky enough to be released from ISI’s custody have confirmed that they have seen Jalil Reki in their custody and being beaten up. “One of our delegation has met the CM of Balochistan; the chief minister (Aslam Raisani) had admitted that Jalil Reki was in custody of intelligence agencies. He assured us that he would soon be released but instead of returning him alive they sent his tortured and mutilated body to his family. ” He also vowed to continue the struggle for the release of rest of the Baloch abducted activists.

The sisters of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch said that the current government has intensified killing Baloch activists as soon as they came in power. They said all previous government have also violated human rights of Baloch people and committed countless crimes; however, the current government has not only continued those crimes but further intensified them. They said they were proud of their beloved brother because they sacrificed their lives for motherland, Balochistan.

More abductions and killings: while Baloch mourn the death of Jalil Reki and Younus Baloch, Pakistan security forces abducted four more Baloch son of soil. In the early hours of 25 November, 2011, Wazeer Reki Baloch, a local journalist, was on his way to Mashkel Town when unknown plain-clothed armed men along with Frontier Corps (FC) stopped him. They checked his Identity Card to make sure he was the person they wanted and then whisked him away. According to eye-witnesses account the abductors also beaten up the Wazir Reki on scene of abduction.

Relatives informed media sources those six days before the abductions of Wazeer Khan; the Pakistani secret agencies had also one of his nephews, Hamid Reki. The family members further said that Wazeer Reki and Abdul Hameed Reki were not affiliated with any political parties. The family has expressed grave concerns about their safety and well-being.

Separately, two Marri Baloch namely, Haji Gull Khan Marri, a tribal elder and Peerhan Marri have been abducted from Kohlu town and Chamalang areas. They were both abducted on 21 and 22 of November 2011, respectively.

Bodies found: The bodies of BNM activist Naku Khair Bux Baloch was found from Lasbella district of Balochistan, on Sunday evening. Khair Bux was off-loaded from a passenger vehicle by FC on 27 October 2011 when he was on his way to Jahao his native area.

Similarly an unidentified boy of a youth was discovered from New Saryaab area of Quetta. The body has been shifted to hospital and kept in morgue for identifications. However, those who have been the body said that from the appearances matches the looks of a Baloch person.

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