Another young educated student dump body found in desert in the day of human rights

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Another young educated student dump body found in desert in the day of human rights

Post  balochshah on Sat Dec 10, 2011 3:58 am

The endless recovery of mutilated bodies of Baloch activists in the deserted areas of Baluchistan is the worse of its kind of the human rights violations by Pakistani forces. The disregarding behavior of Pakistani media toward Baluchistan issue is another unethical tactic of Punjabi army to hide their crimes from the international community, what is sometimes described as the “civilized World”.

One is compelled to ask the question: For how long they can hide their crimes against Baloch nation and mislead the International Human Rights Organisations? Maybe one year, two year or even several years but eventually the reality will come out – for nobody can hide the truth. A wrongdoer is a wrongdoer no matter how hard he/she tries to conceal its crimes, in the end the punishment of the wrong actions is inevitable.

The degree in which Pakistan’s crimes against humanity can easily be measured by having a glance at the above pictures of Baloch minors that have been subjected to severe torture and killed under custody. It shows how Pakistan’s Punjabi army is trying to eliminate the Baloch by eradicating the cream of the Baloch society mercilessly. More then 350 bodies of Baloch youths have been discovered from roadsides and barren areas since July 2010. Baloch should learn from these crimes of Pakistan and make a well-planned strategy to counter Pakistani barbarism against Baloch people. If some of us, the parliamentarians, still they think Pakistan and its fanatic army is their savior, then it is nothing but the misfortune of Baloch Nation.

In this crime against humanity, the criminal is not only Pakistan but also all those states that are helping Pakistan without any accountability in the name of so-called war against terrorism. The money and weapons provided to counter Taliban are being used against Baloch national struggle for independence. Yet the International allies of Pakistan, clearly knowing the fact that Pakistan is cheating them, are ignoring its crimes and gross human rights violations against Baloch people.

In its disgusting efforts to talibanise and pollute the minds of Baloch youth with its extremists ideology the state of Pakistan has let loose its preacher groups or religious fanatics across Balochistan. It is obvious the intentions of creating and promoting religious fanatic and other such groups are being financed by Pakistani ISI and MI to counter the Baloch struggle for national liberation and turn the Baloch from secularism to fanaticism.

These criminal and Jihadist state agencies are involved in acid attacks on Baloch women, abductions and killings of political activists, students, teachers, lawyers, doctors and other well-educated members of Baloch society. They accuse the Baloch secular forces of being anti-Islam and thus condemnable to death. They believe: “Pakistan is the fort of Islam, Pakistan was created by God, Pakistan’s purpose is La illah Ililah.” Since secular and moderate Baloch forces in Balochistan do not agree with such senseless slogans of ISI and MI that’s why according to Pakistan Baloch are apostates and should be killed – as it is a great service to Islam.

Baloch nation consider the abductions and killings of the Baloch youths by these organizations, a crime against humanity and holds the state of Pakistan responsible for such crimes. Pakistan it continuing her dirty war in Balochistan under the guise of these civil death squads.

The second culprit is the Pakistani media, which is ignoring these crimes against humanity committed by Pakistani ISI, MI, FC and their proxy death squads. The silence of state sponsored media has further encouraged these criminals to continue their crimes with impunity. Pakistani media does not give coverage to the recovery of mutilated bodies of Baloch youths which are found on daily basis across Balochistan, but the actions of Taliban in Afghanistan and preaching of the groups of Pakistani ISI, MI and FC are printed on front-pages. Which illustrates that Pakistani media too is more supportive to the state and its extremist groups.

The struggle of Baloch nation has always been and is according to the UN charter but United Nations has so far been ignoring the crimes and atrocities of Pakistan and Iran. The crimes against humanity by these states are against the universal declaration of human rights. The declaration which was adopted by UN general assembly, on 10th December was proclaimed to end the discrimination by campaigning for equitable and effective laws, reporting and investigating human rights violations and supporting victims, has failed to even utter a single word against the human rights violations in occupied Balochistan.

Baloch nation on this day 10th December would like to ask international community whether Baloch nation is considered as human beings, if so then why UN is not investigating the crimes against humanity by Pakistan in occupied Balochistan?

The Baloch nation has high hopes from the International Community and International Media. It is hoped that they will step forward and highlight the genocide of Baloch nation being committed by fanatic and Jihadist Pakistan and Iran. Baloch Nations wants the UN, NATO forces and other International Powers to physically intervene in Balochistan in similar fashion they did in Libya, Syria and South Sudan.


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