America is Facing State Blackmailing by Pakistan: Hyrbyair Marri

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America is Facing State Blackmailing by Pakistan: Hyrbyair Marri

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:40 am

London: Hyrbyair Marri praised the statement made by the American Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey when he stated that it is necessary to end the role of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Mr Marri said that “we Baloch have been expressing our concerns continuously about Pakistan's double standard policy towards other nations, including Balochistan. We have been informing the International community about Pakistan in this regard and the support that it gets from the west which has been used against the Baloch nation in the name of a fight against terrorism”. America and Europe (due to regional complexities), were dictated to by the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan establishment and subsequently remained silent about Pakistan's barbaric actions in Balochistan and subsequently silent in respect to Baloch genocide.

Now Americans have reached the end of their tether. Pakistan's cunning exploitation and double crossing are losing favour. Americans are beginning to take some correct measure in response to Pakistan's lifelong profession of blackmailing. Mr Marri said that recent events in Pakistan show evidence of a change in thinking and practice. The attack on NATO tankers in the Kharotabad area of Quetta (where one comes across several FC and Military checkpoints) and Taliban's confession in respect of their close contact with Pakistani government and Military provides significant evidence of how Pakistan has direct involvement with such terrorist activities.

The Baloch leader said that Taliban and the Pakistani ISI organization are acting as two sides of same coin. Until America and the rest of the world realize this bitter fact there will be no possibility of tangible progress in the region. Pakistan has never been an ally of the West in the Afghan war and they will never be a trustworthy ally. It is neither possible to find a durable solution for Afghanistan nor will it be possible to bring peace in the region with Pakistan as an ally. It is also not going to be easy for the west to counter the Iranian nuclear madness, if Pakistan is kept in the game.

Hyrbyair Marri said that Pakistan's interest and rest of the world's plan for Afghan's security and prosperity are in direct opposition to each other. We think that the world wants peace and stability in this region. They want to resolve the Afghan, Baloch and Kashmir issues. These nations are not the cause of the problem. It is Pakistan which is at the heart of most of these problems. It is the Pakistan army and state that wants to remain the illegitimate owners of these occupied territories and wants to continue looting and plundering the resources of these Nations.

Hyrbyair Marri said that America and the international community's policy towards Pakistan will be in the interest of the Baloch nation since it has realized that Pakistan is working against peace in the region. He said that “ I appeal to my Baloch brothers to cut their relationship with Pakistan. We must strive to regain our sovereignty. Our struggle must go on until there is a complete withdrawal of the Pakistan occupying forces. The Baloch nation is the only legitimate owner of their homeland.” Those Baloch who have conspired with Pakistan State apparatus in deception and crime (within the the Pakistani parliament) should not ask it's people to jump into quagmire. Instead they should rise up to the challenge the corruption and deception. Stand up as equals with other free nations in the world.

HyrbyairMarri said that those Baloch politicians who are busy arranging corner meetings, planning to misguide the Baloch into taking part in the election for further subjugation cannot be friends of Baloch nation. The morally and economically bankrupt, internationally isolated, untrustworthy state of Pakistan has been killing Baloch for the past 64 years. Baloch politicians,knowingly or unknowingly, have become a part of such brutal acts by the state. They should know that they are complicit, within the state, and their actions a part of the wider deception which in turn puts further barriers, working against our liberation. Baloch freedom activists have not compromised on their natural rights. Many of them have been martyred, and even until their dying breath have called for freedom of Balochistan. “Demands such as self-determination and greater autonomy without complete liberation, will not in themselves terminate the Baloch nation's bondage or subjugation.” said Hyrbyair.

In his concluding remarks Mr Marri said that America and the rest of the world are coming to realize that Pakistan is a state that has lost all its credibility. Hence, they are gradually trying to get rid of Pakistan and are searching for new allies and alternatives. In such a crucial time Baloch should avoid the Pakistani elections and unite in heightening their struggle against the illegal occupation of their homeland.

By : Baloch Warna
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