My uncle shaheed ghulam qadir martyr

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My uncle shaheed ghulam qadir martyr

Post  balochshah on Sat Jan 07, 2012 7:06 pm

I got a call from my family that your uncle Ghulam qadir is not more, i was trying to call my uncle from many days but his number was off, and my family didnot tell me,and finally they told your uncle has been abducted and martyr by the deadsquad, and they are looking for you, and we are moving to safe place, and i was going to pakistan today , and my family told me dont come you will be martyr same like your uncle, they have sent a small paper with my name balochshah your are next dont open the bso azad new office and stop your plan,and me with my uncle were planned to be in islamabad for rally of VOICE OF BALOCH MISSING PERSON AND MEET WITH QADIR BALOCH and threaten stop all ur active works, other wise you will be the same, we know you are coming.What th ey want they killed my friend my comrades and all , why they are afraid of our success and education, i did nothing just to open bso azad office in hub, for people welfare , and people should know their rights,i want to see my uncle funeral, but what can i do im tense , im crying every time,my uncle was great man who struggle day and night, for baloch people, now our business is closed, and my family is moving from one place to another, why they are threatening me now, you can come to pakistan in one condition quit bso azad and donot work for the release fo missing person, because im educated , but no one will stop me .Allah give my uncle to heaven and al
l people.


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