Balochistan issue in US Congress

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Balochistan issue in US Congress

Post  Bolan on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:21 pm

THE cat is finally out of bag. There have been consistent and reliable reports that some foreign powers have joined hands in exploiting the situation in Balochistan and the move to debate Balochistan issue in the US Congress has corroborated these reports. Foreign Office spokesman has justifiably expressed concern over the development saying that Pakistan’s embassy in Washington has taken strong notice of the meeting of the US Congress committee on foreign affairs to deliberate the issue of Balochistan. The move is so serious and nefarious that it should not be left at that and the matter should be taken up at the highest forum.

This is because it is effectively aimed at not only interfering in purely internal affairs of Pakistan but is also designed to internationalize the Balochistan issue. It assumes serious dimensions if viewed in the context of similar moves in other Western capitals where Balochistan related terrorist outfits are based, collect funds and their heads have been given official refuge. There have also been reports that the United States, Israel, India and Afghanistan are working together in creating problems in Balochistan where not only groups active against Iran are harboured but patronage is also offered to those who are engaged in acts of terrorism and sabotage in the province. A few years back a map drawn purportedly by Americans made rounds in global circles, which showed Pakistan truncated and reduced after its big chunks either shown as independent states or parts of Afghanistan and India. The latest development shows that the United States was indeed working on agenda to destabilize Pakistan irrespective of verbal statements of its leaders and declaration of Pakistan as a strategic ally. Under these circumstances, American ambassador should be summoned to Foreign Office to lodge a strong protest and the matter should be taken up at the highest level with the US leadership. Pakistan parliament and media should also take note of the development and sensitize public opinion to thwart conspiracies against solidarity of the country.

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