A serious aggravation in Balochistan

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A serious aggravation in Balochistan

Post  Bolan on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:01 pm

The assassination of Balochistan MPA Bakhtiar Domki’s wife and daughter along with their driver, in Karachi, was a highly sensitive matter.
Domki’s wife was sister of Baloch insurgent leader Brahmdagh Bugti and granddaughter of Nawab Akbar Bugti. An immediate high level investigation of the matter is need of the hour to bring the culprits before the justice.
However, the law enforcement agencies attempted to push up the incident by hurriedly declaring that the murders were likely an outcome of tribal dispute or personal clashes. The province was closed down for three days in protest of the brutal killings.
The Balochistan Assembly passed a resolution condemning the incident in wide and large. Speaking on a point of order, a legislator observed that the women of Bugti tribe were not being spared.
A provincial minister termed it the Baloch genocide and ethnic cleansing. Another provincial minister resigned in protest.
Belatedly Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik spoke over the matter, terming the murders were engineered by a third-force, which is yet to be identified. In a usual move, he promised to investigate the matter through a high-level probe committee.
The killings turned into a burning issue within a few days. Another incident, in which FC personnel killed two persons while firing on a demonstration of the Domkie tribesman, further deteriorated the situation in the province.
What is happening in Balochistan is completely contradictory to the government’s policy and sense of the parliamentary consensus requiring the introduction of peace negotiations with the annoyed Baloch people.
Apparently some hidden hands along with some open faces are creating conditions to abort the peace moves in the province.
The Chief Justice of Pakistan issued directives to apprehend the culprits at the earliest, terming it “one of the most sensitive cases in the country”.
Repressive tactics to overcome insurgence have reversed what was only a glint into a blaze. More than 50 security personnel have lost their lives during the last few weeks.
A thorough investigation into Karachi killings is need of the hour. Furthermore, the incumbent should hurriedly initiate a peace-process against the annoyed figures. This has to be done before the flame is turned into an inferno.

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