Armed wing of PPP targeting Baloch population in Karachi: BNF

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Armed wing of PPP targeting Baloch population in Karachi: BNF

Post  بامسار بلوچ on Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:34 am

Karachi: The Baloch National Front has strongly condemned the attack on Siddiq Goth Malir and said that Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s armed wing was targeting Baloch population in Karachi.

The BNF statement further stated that Pakistan occupying forces to strengthen their occupation have always used such criminal tactics against Baloch people in an attempt to mislead the international Community. The state forces always tried to make Baloch people fight against each other so that it can tell the world that Baloch among themselves but in reality the state is behind all such fights.

The state has created PPP armed wing to expand its occupation over Baloch areas and to continue the genocidal policies in the name of ‘Baloch are fighting against each other’, so that the state can be exempted from its crimes against humanity.

The BNF said that Baloch nation in their struggle for liberation have experienced and recognised the cunningness and evil psychology of the state. Pakistan’s this policy to eliminate Baloch will fail like its past counter insurgencies because today every child of Baloch nation is well-aware how to protect their mother land.

Background of Siddique Goth tention: The incident took place in Siddique Goth, Malir, where area people entered into an armed scuffle with activists of the banned People’s Amn Committee (PAC) over the dispute on reserved school land. The tension engulfed the area some days ago when the PAC activists started sitting at the school with the aim to grab it. The residents of the area requested the PAC activists to vacate the school but their request fell into deaf ears.

Later the , an armed skirmish was witnessed between the residents of Siddique Goth and the PAC workers, leaving two people dead (one from each side) and four residents of Siddique Goth were injured.

The victims, Latif Baloch son of Haibat Khan 55 year old resident of Sidique Goth, and Nabeel alias Zehrila son of Nazeer Baloch an activist of PAC arm wing of PPP were killed on the spot.

The injured, Riazul Haq son of Shamsul Haq, 24, Shakoor son of Mehrab 25, Muslim Wali son of wali Muhammad 24 and Shehzad son of Ghulam Ali 25 were shifted to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) for treatment. All Injured men are residents of Sidique Goth Malir, Karachi.

By : Baloch Warna
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