Balochistan: Pakistani military and ISI once again threaten to kill leaders and members of VBMP

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Balochistan: Pakistani military and ISI once again threaten to kill leaders and members of VBMP

Post  Bolan on Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:53 pm

Quetta : The Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons has been warned to wrap up the protest camp, outside Quetta Press Club, or else he will be physically eliminated.

The Pakistan military and intelligence agencies have threatened the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, an organisation striving for the safe recovery of enforced-disappeared Baloch, several times in the past. Many members of the VBMP were abducted and later killed in custody. After the visit of UN WGEID the intelligence agencies of Pakistan have once again intensified pressure against the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

Talking to Balochwarna News Qadeer Baloch, Vice chairman of VBMP said, “We have been receiving direct and indirect threats almost every day since the UN team visited Balochistan. Our protest camp was also once set alight and female members of our Organisation were threatened to stop demanding the release of their loved ones or they’ll face the wrath of security forces.”

He further said none other then the Pakistan army and intelligence agencies should be held responsible if any harm is done to him or other members of his organisation. The VBMP has already informed the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Balochistan High Court and written letters to UN informing them about the death threats.

Qadeer Baloch said that target killings, abductions and in-custody killings are still continuing, recently several Baloch have been target killed by Army’s proxy organisation in Khuzdar town of Balochistan.

“Even though some of our members and families of Baloch missing persons have appeared before the Supreme Court but we do not expect any justice from Pakistani judiciary. Our loved ones have sacrificed their lives for the independence of Balochistan whereas the Supreme Court is more worried about Pakistan’s safety and law and order situation. I think it is a waste of time for any Baloch to expect justice from a Pakistani courts”, said Qadeer Baloch.

Mr Baloch’s son, Jalil Reki Baloch, was forcefully disappeared near his house Saryab Road Quetta, on February 13, 2009. He registered an FIR at Shalkot Police Station Quetta, against the inspector General of Frontier Corps (FC) Major Genral Saleem Nawaz but no action was taken to arrest or even suspend the officials nominated in the FIR. Instead, his son’s mutilated body was discovered on November 13, 2011 in the District Kech, Makuran.

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