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Only a well-organized, dynamic political organization can bring changes in the society. History has witnessed that national liberation movement led by such organizations have triumphed over the tyrant and brought victory to their nation. Educated and disciplined cadre are the back-bone of such organizations. They are the ones who with their conscious commitment face the brutality of the state in defending the movement and safe guarding the organization.
The constant struggle of Baloch nation for freedom under the Pakistani and Iranian states' severe brutality is an undeniable evidence of the strong will of the Baloch cadre.
Ali Sher Kurd was ham on 13 January 1976 in Mach, Balochistan. He practiced as lawyer of Balochistan High Court after completing his studies. He was also a regular columnist in Daily Tawar and other news papers. Ali Sher Kurd was politically conscious and ideologically committed to Baloch nationalism. He saw the prosperity of his nation in the independence of Balochistan and armed struggle as the means to achieve it.
He joined the Baloch armed resistance movement for freedom of Balochistan in 1998 and remained active and devoted to it, until he was enforced disappeared by the Pakistan army on 21 September 2010, in front of many witnesses from a relative's house in Quetta. His tortured body with a bullet wound on his forehead was found from Ibrahim Road of Khuzdar on 24 September 2010, just three days after his abduction.
In the presence of thousands of activist, Shaheed Advocate Ali Sher Kurd, was bestowed with the title "Martyr of Freedom" and laid to rest with full national honor in his home town Mach. On the martyrdom of her son, his mother said "I am proud of my son because he vindicated his mother and motherland. He disowned the luxurious life and preferred the difficult but righteous path. His sacrifice has become guiding beacon for all of us towards the great cause of freedom.
Today he sleeps prestigiously in the bosom of his motherland, with the dream of freedom in his closed eyes, but his commitment and sacrifice has awakened many hearts to follow his path of struggle till victory. Baloch Vanguards

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