Baloch nation braces for National Remembrance Day for Baloch Martyrs

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Baloch nation braces for National Remembrance Day for Baloch Martyrs

Post  Bolan on Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:21 pm

Baloch pro-independence parties in Balochistan and exile appealed the nation on Saturday to observe 13 November as the Baloch Martyrs Day.

In their separate statements of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Bugti Patriots of Motherland, The Baloch National Voice and Baloch Four Party Alliance announced to support the call to observe 13 of November as National Remembrance Day for Baloch Martyrs.

Earlier Baloch Student Organisation – Azad, IVBMP London, Sweden and BHRC &IVBMP Canada; and Baluch Verein Deutschland [Baloch Community Germany] had also announced to observe and support the National Remembrance Day.

Meanwhile Vice Chairman of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Abdul Qadeer Baloch, urged the relatives of abducted Baloch activists, students and political activists to go to the protest camp of the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, outside Quetta Press Club, on 13 November and show their solidarity with the families of enforced-disappeared and Martyred Baloch activists.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’ protest for the release of enforced disappeared Baloch, and demand for the arrest of the perpetrators involved in kill and dump in Balochistan, entered 960th day on Saturday, at Quetta Press Club.

The Baloch National Voice in their statement said, “Martyrs of liberation sacrificed their lives for our better future and freedom of Balochistan. It is the struggle and sacrifices of Baloch freedom fighters, political prisoners and martyrs that introduced Baloch national identity to the world. Today the world powers are acknowledging the Baloch freedom movement because of endless sacrifices made by the patriot sons of Balochistan.”

The Baloch pro-freedom organisations said no nation has got their freedom as a gift neither have the international powers supported any liberation struggle against their vested interests. They further said, “Oppressed nations struggled and paid for freedom with their lives. The oppressed and occupied nations always relied on their own strength; similarly the Baloch nation should bring momentum and strength in their ranks and force their enemies to withdraw from Balochistan. Baloch should show to the world that they are able to gain and sustain their freedom, only then the international and regional powers will support the Baloch for their own safety and interests.”

The BNV said it was the responsibility of Baloch youth to preach the message of freedom to every household in Balochistan and make the nation aware about the curse of slavery. Baloch freedom loving forces should bring unity in their ranks and counter the conspiracies of enemy against Baloch struggle. The Baloch National Voice urged the Baloch nation to overcome all personal likes and dislikes and spend their energy to fulfil the dream of Baloch martyrs.

In a separate press release Wadera Rahmo Bugti the central leader of Bugti Muhabiyan e Watan (Bugti Patriots of Motherland) has announced to support the Baloch Martyrs Day on 13 November. “Today the Baloch have gained national and international recognition because of the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs and freedom fighters”, Mr Bugti said.

He said the unanimous announcement of Baloch resistance and pro-freedom political parties to observe 13 November as the Baloch Martyrs Day was a positive step and a good news for Baloch nation. “Those who believe in single programme of Balochistan’s freedom should intensify their effort to advance the Baloch national struggle instead of promoting personalities or organisations”, said Mr Bugti.

Rahmo Bugti said ‘Bugti Patriots of Motherland’ respects the sacrifices of Nawab Akbar Bugti, Mir Balach Marri and thousands of other Baloch martyrs. Those who believe in slogans of enemy and use self-made confusing terminologies to deter the liberation struggle will be considered as the enemy of Baloch and Balochistan, he added.

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