Balochi Radio reveals atrocities of Pakistan Coast Guard in Balochistan coastal villages

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Balochi Radio reveals atrocities of Pakistan Coast Guard in Balochistan coastal villages

Post  Bolan on Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:32 pm

Sweden based Radio Gwank revealed on Sunday that Pakistan Coast Guard personnel allegedly gang raped a teen age boy in passo village near Pishokan region of Balochistan.

According to the Gwank report, the poor folk of Pishokan are the worst victims of Pakistan Coast Guard’s atrocities. They villagers have been issued a warning that if the fishermen went to the sea without submitting their identity cards to PCG [Pakistan Coast Guard] quarters then they would bear the consequences.

Radio Gwank quoted the local fishermen as complaining that their fellow fishermen have been beaten up by PCG for not abiding by their order. They complained that their means of transport: donkey carts, motorcycles and Pickup vehicles are most often subjected to intensive inspections at Pakistani security forces (Coast Gaurds) check posts and they humiliated and harass women and children during checking.

The humiliation of local fisher brethren of entire Balochistan coastal belt is not a new phenomenon at the hands of PCG. Earlier the PCG have abducted and extra judicially killed Samad Bilal and Ramdan Yaqoob whereas of their friends, Razaq Palari, is still in the custody of Pakistan Coast Guard officials.

Another worrisome factor of the Radio Gwank report is that people are extremely fearful of the consequences of reporting the accesses of Pakistan Coast Guard in the area. That is why their atrocities are not reported in print and electronic media.

Moreover, the Sweden based Balochi language Radio added that last week, November 28th, 2012, in Passo, a small village 4 km from Pishokan, a teen age boy was allegedly gang rapped by coast guard personnel. Pakistani media concealed this heinous crime of PCG fearing the extreme anger of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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