BRP announced shutter-down and Wheel jam on 11 May and appeals the nation to stay at homes

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BRP announced shutter-down and Wheel jam on 11 May and appeals the nation to stay at homes

Post  Baloch on Thu May 09, 2013 11:05 am

Several Baloch leaders and pro-independence organisations have issued a joint statement appealing the Baloch nation to boycott Pakistani election and stay at their homes from on 11 May 2013. “This would prove to the world that Baloch have a separate national identity and they have nothing to do with the elections of this state [Pakistan].”

The Baloch National Voice, the Baloch Liberation Struggle, the Baloch Liberation International Forum (Bahrain), World Baloch Women Forum’s president professor Naela Qadri, Ex-Chairman BSO-Azad Bashir Zeb Baloch, Mir Abdul Wadood Raisani, Shabir Baloch, Baloch Bar Association’s president advocate Sadiq Raisani said that the jointed statement was to support and endorse the appeal of Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri in which he had urged the people of Balochistan to show their dislike for slavery by staying at their home on 11 May – the day of Pakistani elections.

The statement of Baloch organisations further read that 65 years of occupation have given nothing to Baloch people except the exploitation of their resources and distortion of their culture, language and social values.

“The so called democracy and election have been used as an excuse to give legal protection to Baloch genocide and occupation of Baloch land. Unfortunately, even in these tensed situations some so called Baloch parties are giving more priority to the elections of occupying state over the Baloch national identity. Such unethical attempts of these parties and their leaders are pushing Baloch nation in the darkness of eternal slavery,” the Baloch leader said.

They further said that these pro-Pakistan parties were misleading the international community and Baloch nation by distorting ground realities and Baloch history. “Their actions will be recorded and remembered on page of history as black days,” the statement added.

They strongly appealed the Baloch nation not to trust the state [Pakistan] and its allied parties and fully boycott the election by staying at their home on 11 May 2013.

Meanwhile, in a separate statement the Baloch Republican Party and its student wing the Baloch Republican Student Organisation have appealed the people of Balochistan to observe shutter-down and Wheel-Jam strike on 11 May and stay at their homes.

The central spokesperson of the BRP has said that anti Baloch state’s elections were a drama to mislead the world. He said the parliamentarian merchants and state death squads have intensified the Baloch genocide in the name of elections. He said thousands of Pakistani troops have been deployed across Balochistan in the name of peaceful elections but these forces were harassing and terrorising innocent Baloch people.

“They are attacking houses of Baloch activists, harassing their women and children and looting cash and other precious apparatus form the home of Baloch people. Yesterday the house of a BRSO leader was attacked in Quetta and a BRP leader’s house was attacked in Hub town of Balochistan.”

He urged the UN to take notice of state atrocities in Balochistan.

He also appealed the Baloch nation to reject the elections of occupying state and support the cause of Baloch martyrs of liberation and those currently being detained by the occupying state. “Boycott the elections on 11 May and stay at your homes. Do not be part of the state and its allied parties’ conspiracies against Baloch freedom struggle,” the BRP statement read.

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