Pakistan's Karachi airport is the target of terrorist attack

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Pakistan's Karachi airport is the target of terrorist attack

Post  Baloch on Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:06 pm

At least 26 people died; gunman wearing explosive vests.
Flights were canceled; paper says terrorists tried to hijack the plane.

Heavily armed men attacked on Sunday evening ( 8 ) o, the busiest airport in Karachi Pakistan, which forced the cancellation of all flights, officials said. The Reuters news agency says at least 26 people died.
On the morning of Monday (9), local time, announced that the Pakistani army regained control of the Karachi airport, after six hours of '"successful operation" against the armed group.
The newspaper "Washington Post" says terrorists attempted to hijack a plane, but were prevented.
One of the terrorists exploded when struck by a shot, indicating that he was wearing a suicide bomber vest, police said.
An intelligence official, who asked to be identity preserved, told AFP that the attack involved more than twelve men, heavily armed with assault rifles and explosives.
Pakistani military were called to assist the police to fight terrorists and prevent further attack.
"Apparently the militants are Uzbeks," said Rizwan Akhtar, the regional head of the paramilitary in televised statements. "Three militants blew themselves up seven were killed by security forces," said.
In Baluchistan province in southwest of the country, two other attacks on Sunday killed 23 people, mostly Shiite pilgrims.

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