Microsoft wants batteries 7-day

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Microsoft wants batteries 7-day

Post  Irfan Yaagi on Thu Jun 12, 2014 5:21 pm

You know what the main problem of modern smartphones? Battery. These devices must be recharged every day or every other day in some cases, and if we use too many apps or watch many videos then you can load up to 2 times a day even. Unfortunately the manufacturers have become very interested in integrating best processors and screens and have forgotten the most important thing. What we are looking for now is to develop a battery that can last up to 1 week to your giving a moderate use.

One idea is to develop a battery that integrates two lithium ion, ie it would be something like a dual battery. This will allow energy expenditure between the two are split: one would be bigger and energy would be spent when heavy tasks are performed, while the small would be used in moments that require little energy. Still, it's likely not be enough to get one week.

The company is also planning to optimize certain tasks. This process, known as E-Loupe, is to identify the apps in the background that consume more battery when the person's not being used and slow them down or leave them totally paused.

The prototypes that Microsoft Research has showed improvements from 20% to 50%, so they still have a long way to get to 7 days.

Tell us: how often you should recharge your smartphone ? What activities do you consume more battery?

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