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Post  Baloch on Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:53 pm

ā (d; pro) that, those; he she, it, they
ā demā (adv) that side, on that side, over there
ā nemagā (adv) that side, on that side, in that direction
ā pemā (adv) in that manner, like that
ā wakte ki (adv) when, at that time
ā waktl (adv) when, at the time when
āchār (n) sail
ādat (n) habit
ādat būag (v) to be used to
ādat kanag (v) to become used to, have a habit
adalat (n) officials, superiors
ādenk (n) mirror
afsar (n) officer
afsos (i) sorry!
afsos būag (v) to be sorry
agar, aga (c) if
āhin (n; a) iron
akbār (n) newspaper
ākhir (a; i) last; then
akl (n) intelligence
aklmand (a) intelligent
āl (n) finish (of a race etc)
albat (c) although, certainly, rather
alhamdūlillā (i) thanks be to God!
allā (n) Allah, God
almārī (n) cupboard, wardrobe
ālū (n) potato
am (see ham)
amān (n) Muscat, Oman
amb (n) mango
anāmat er kanag (v) to leave in safe keeping
ananās (n) pineapple
anār (n) pomegranate
āndān (n) descendants
andāza kanag (v) to estimate, guess
ānga (adv) still, yet
āngo (adv) that way, that direction, thither
angrīz (n; a) Englishman; English
angrīzī (n; a) English (language); English
angrīzī kanag (v) to speak English
angur, hangur (n) grape, vine
annū (adv) now, recently, right now
āodā (adv) over there
āow (part) yes

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