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Balochi Names  Introduction: Empty Balochi Names Introduction:

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Research: Ahmad & Rahmat Shastuni
November 2001
Every nation or group of people has specific characteristics such as language and culture.
There are some customs, rules and traditions in a people’s culture, which distinguishes a
group of people/ nation from others. The issue of “NAME” is one of these distinguishing
factors. Name reflects life’s various aspects, feelings, history, relationships and
Our people migrated to where it is now called Balochistan (in Iran, Pakistan or Afghanistan).
One can find names/ traces or part of names predated Baloch migration to this land. Our
people, once upon a time were Zoroastrian (Zardoshti) like many other people in Iranian
plateau such as Persian, Kurds and others. Many of us were Hindus (Gowrs). Many non-
Baloch people/ groups of people migrated from other regions and came and settled in Balochi
regions and eventually became Baloch themselves. Whatever the historical background
maybe, there are still names used in Balochi from that era and/or region/s.
Islam brought many Arabic/Islamic names into Balochi names, as did the invasion of Turks/
Mongols. Regardless of the origins of names, all the names have adapted to their Balochi
environment and now regarded as Balochi names, or rather used by Baloch people. These are
now an integral part of Balochi names, and hence Balochi culture.
I have given a list of Balochi names by Waaja Ahmad Shastuni, who is a talented Baloch.
Ahmad has kindly permitted me to publish the list of the names in this forum. I am also
privileged to add/ modify/ reclassify the names if needed. Although the list is far from
completed, I believe that it is a very good and valuable effort by him. The list is by no means
complete, but we hope that it is useful for the Baloch and other people interested in Balochi
Ahmad Shastuni classifies his list of Balochi names into three categories, namely feminine,
masculine, and what he calls new or “modern” names.
Goun neyken waahagaan,
Rahmat Shastuni
Ahmad Shastuni


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